About Harry Agress Jr

Photo by Ronnie Agress

Photo by Ronnie Agress


New York 2016


It has been stated that “the goal of education is to make you curious” and for me photography is the tool that allows me to explore my own curiosity. In its grandest sense, it has opened up the world to me, creating an appreciation of the nature and people of cultures far different from my own; and in its finest sense, has allowed me to explore infinite combinations of light, color and texture.

I was first introduced to photography when my father gave me a camera for my 10th birthday and I have been captivated ever since. I have always been a very visual person, having looked inside the human body for 36 years as a radiologist. Photography has allowed me to look outside the human body into its surroundings and occasionally back again into its soul.

I want my works to inspire feelings of thoughtfulness, serenity and wonder in the majesty of simple beauty. To peak your curiosity, such that you want to learn more, or even better, go experience these cultures for yourself.

To capture a distinct meaningful moment and provide the timeless gift of experiencing that moment over and over again; that, to me, is the magic of photography. That is what makes me happy. 

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