Art in healthcare facilities can have a significant positive emotional impact on staff, visitors and patients. It can create a calming, restorative and often inspiring environment. 

These images represent my own personal visions as a physician who has looked inside the human body as a radiologist for over 35 years. Photography has allowed me to look outside the human body into its surroundings and occasionally back again into its soul.

I want most to have my works inspire feelings of thoughtfulness, serenity and wonder in the majesty of simple beauty. 

Harry-Agress-black-high-res cropped.png
Triptych 2 Example.png

Shoreline Triptych - Kangaroo Island, Australia  (Conference Room E)

Hackensack Meridian Project - HarryAgressPhotography-7.jpg

Country Road. Bridgehampton (Foundation Office)

Patterns - Hackensack Meridian Project - HarryAgressPhotography-7.jpg

Scarves. Marrakesh, Morocco (Co-Chairman Office)

Hackensack Meridian Project - HarryAgressPhotography-22.jpg

Fall. Central Park, NY (Foundation Office)

Hackensack Meridian Project - HarryAgressPhotography-18.jpg

Moon Over Manhattan. New York City (Conference Room F)